Nicotinamide - moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, evens skintone

Why we use it
Nicotinamide, also known as Niacinamide, is a water-soluble form of vitamin B-3 that offers a wide range of topical benefits for healthy skin growth and proper cellular function. It is a key ingredient in many cosmetics because of its ability to cooperate with other ingredients and therefore treat a variety of skin conditions such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Unlike other forms of Vitamin B, topical use doesn’t induce redness, making it ideal for sensitive skin.

Its extraordinary benefits

  • Hydrates: Nicotinamide aids the skin in growing a ceramide (lipid) barrier which, sequentially, helps it retain moisture. When ceramides become depleted over time, the skin is left exposed and vulnerable to issues such as patches of dry, flaky and over-sensitive skin. Because of its ability to restore the skin's defenses against moisture loss and dehydration, this incredible ingredient leaves the skin smooth and supple and better protected.
  • Protects and Rebuilds: Nicotinamide can help the skin’s immunity by building proteins, such as keratin, that keep your skin firm and healthy. By building these proteins and rebuilding healthy skin cells, it can also protect and repair signs of past damage from oxidative and environmental stresses including sunlight, pollution and toxins which cause the skin to appear older, dull and less radiant.
  • Minimizes Inflammation: by reducing inflammation, Nicotinamide can help ease redness from eczema, acne and other inflammatory skin conditions. Not only can it diminish the appearance of these skin conditions, but it can also treat them. Severe acne that forms like papules and pustules can benefit from this ingredient and its incredible ability to minimize these lesions and improve skin texture.
  • Reduces the Appearance of Enlarged Pores: Nicotinamide is most famous for its ability to return clogged pores to their natural size with its normalizing ability on the pore lining. It aids in tightening the stretched out pores that cause an “orange peel” texture, leading to smoother, softer skin.
  • Regulates Oil: this multi-purpose ingredient can also regulate the amount of oil the sebaceous glands produce to keep oil and other debris from getting backed up which leads to clogged, bumpy skin.
  • Treats Hyperpigmentation: Niacinamide concentrations can be helpful in lightening dark spots and evening out an uneven skin tone caused by excess melanin showing on the skin’s surface.

Saturnia’s products
Because of this ingredients abundant benefits for the skin, it can be found in many of our products including: Black Ink Hyper Hydrating Firming Serum (new formula), Juven Regenerating Serum (new formula)