Pro-Biota Rebalancing Cream

$ 84

Goes to work on the structure of the skin, with an extraordinary balance-restoring effect on the hydrolipidic film and pH. Performs a moisturising action by reducing water loss through the skin and protects it from daily aggressions. The full, velvety emulsion, rich in Saturnia Bioplancton, transports the active ingredients, boosting their bioavailability, while a blend of alpha-hydroxy-acids and prebiotic active ingredients renew the outermost layer of the skin to leave the complexion fresh and glowing.

Functional assets
Saturnia Bioplancton®
Terme di Saturnia purified plankton extract: the core ingredient of all Terme di Saturnia cosmetic formulations. A superb, exclusive functional ingredient with extraordinary normalising and moisturising powers on the skin.

Terme di Saturnia thermal water, rich in precious trace elements: manganese, copper, zinc and especially sulphur, collected and preserved in its gaseous form in an innovative liposomal system.
Alpha hydroxy acids: also known as fruit acids, they have exfoliating properties that promote epidermal renewal while stimulating collagen production in the dermis.
Biolin: a prebiotic complex extracted from chicory roots; has a soothing action and helps keep skin microbiota healthy.

How to use it
Suitable for all skin types. Apply morning and night on cleansed skin as preparation for specific Terme di Saturnia treatments. Fast-absorbing emulsion. Use only on unbroken, healthy skin. Avoid contact with the eyes and the inner lining of the lips.

1.7 Floz jar

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