Facial Cleansing Oil

$ 44

A rich, silky “oil-non-oil” texture, perfect for facilitating the removal of make-up, impurities and pollutants from the skin. When used with water, it produces a gentle lather that cleanses delicately, leaving the skin perfectly clean and smooth.

Functional assets
Saturnia Bioplancton®
Terme di Saturnia purified plankton extract: the core ingredient of all Terme di Saturnia cosmetic formulations. A superb, exclusive functional ingredient with extraordinary normalising and moisturising powers on the skin.

  • Terme di Saturnia thermal water, rich in precious trace elements: manganese, copper, zinc and especially sulphur, collected and preserved in its gaseous form in an innovative liposomal system.
  • Prickly pear extract: extracted from the inside of the blades, it has anti-reddening, softening and protective properties.
  • Amphoteric surfactants: mild surfactants with excellent skin compatibility, low irritation and harmless for the eyes. When used with other surfactants, they render them much less aggressive.

How to use it
Apply to the face with gentle circular movements. Rinse with water and then apply the Aqua Spray lotion and your usual treatment cream. Also effective on waterproof make-up. Avoid direct contact with the eyes.

6.8 Floz pump bottle

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