SACCHARIDE ISOMERATE: An exclusive moisturizing magnet that ensures deep and immediate hydration to strengthen the skin’s surface and promote a harmonious interaction between the skin and its microbiome. It is a sugar specially formulated to be dermo-similar to keratin so it can bind to the skin like a magnet, creating a strong synergy with keratin. It is able to hydrate the skin continuously for up to 72 hours, nourishing, soothing, smoothening and decongesting it simultaneously.

MEDIUM HYALURONIC ACID PM: A key characteristic of this polymer is its ability to bind a large amount of water molecules within the skin. In the extracellular base substance, the highly hydrated hyaluronic acid fills the space between collagen and elastic fibers in dermal cells.

VEGETABLE CERAMIDES: These ceramides improve the protective function of the skin while also accelerating the restructuring processes of damaged skin. In addition to the function of forming structures and protecting from atmospheric agents, the ceramides possess antimicrobial properties, and are physiologically active in the control of cell growth processes.

ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-51 AMIDE: This hexapeptide protects DNA from damage and stimulates its natural repair pathways to improve cell longevity and vitality.