BARLEY WAX AND ARGAN OIL BLEND: This complex visibly reduces symptoms, such as irritation and redness, related to the release of histamine to provide the skin with maximum comfort. The reddened appearance and itchy sensation of the stressed skin are significantly alleviated, leaving the skin healthy and soothed.

HAMAMELIS EXTRACT: This specific extract has astringent qualities to help heal the skin, making it suitable for delicate or irritated skin, even skin showing signs of rosacea.

ALFA BISABOLOL: A pure and natural ingredient of 100% vegetable origin and 100% eco-certified from organic farming, more than twice as effective as its synthetic version. It is one of the key soothing active ingredients making it ideal for the care of very sensitive skin and for all delicate areas where there might be inflammation or severe irritation.

OLIVE UNSAPONIFIABLE: A precious and cosmetically relevant part of olive oil for its affinity with the skin sebum. The unsaponifiable olive tree has strong emollient and sebum-restoring properties that stimulate the reparative processes of the dermis and epidermis and restore the skin's lipid barrier to promote its regeneration.