Body Re-Shape Cream

$ 88

Rapidly absorbed emulsion gel designed for toning the body. The Lythrum Salicaria extract, enriched with two specific bio-markers, helps shape the buttocks and thighs. The beech extract, thanks to its draining properties, tones and firms the skin, making it softer and more elastic. Leaves the body firmer and the figure more defined and even.

Functional assets
Saturnia Bioplancton®
Terme di Saturnia purified plankton extract: the core ingredient of all Terme di Saturnia cosmetic formulations. A superb, exclusive functional ingredient with extraordinary normalising and moisturising powers on the skin.

  • Terme di Saturnia thermal water, rich in precious trace elements: manganese, copper, zinc and especially sulphur, collected and preserved in its gaseous form in an innovative liposomal system.
  • Lythrum Salicaria extract: rich in specific bio-markers, it goes to work simultaneously on two main areas of the body, performing a push-up action on the buttocks and reshaping the thighs.
  • Beech extract: thanks to their draining properties, Beech buds are used in the formulation of anti-cellulite creams to tone and firm the legs. Rich in tannins, flavonoids and phenols, the extract is also an excellent aid against free radicals and cellular ageing.
  • Aescin: extracted from horse chestnut leaves, aescin helps combat cellulite and other manifestations of fluid retention and venous insufficiency.

How to use it
Apply generously to the hips, buttocks and abdomen. Massage in until completely absorbed.


6.8 Floz. pump bottle

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