Unguentum Spa Dry Oil

$ 84

An extraordinary multifunctional treatment. Dermoprotective, softening, nourishing and soothing, it protects the skin from irritations and redness. It moisturizes deep down, combats skin ageing and matifies the complexion without altering the natural balance of epidermis. It regenerates and nourishes stressed and dry hair and skin.

Directions: Shake before use. Spray to face and hair, avoiding the eye contour, until fully absorbed.

Suitable for: All types of skin.

Active assets:

  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing and balancing.
  • VITAMIN E acetate: anti-free radical, elasticizing, antioxidant.
  • Macadamia oil: it has emollient and nourishing properties.
  • Sweet almond oil: emollient, softening, nourishing and soothing. If used for hair treatments it gives hair bodyness, softness and radiancy. Refined olive oil: nourishing and emollient.
  • Sunflower seed oil: antiseptic, anti free-radicals and antioxidant.

Benefits: Nourishment and protection for face and hair.Brings moisrure to the skin and softness / fullness to hair.

Volume: 3.4 fl.oz.

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