Hydractive Fluid

Fluid and light 24H emulsion that is quickly absorbed. Helps the skin maintain an optimal moisture level.


Apply daily on a perfectly cleansed skin.


All skins, particularly the most dehydrated ones and for those who prefer lighter textures than a cream moisturizer.


  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing and balancing. Acquaporine active: a softening, protective, repairing, soothing and hydro balancing action. It prevents the formation of wrinkles all day long and improves the skin biomechanical features.
  • OENOTERA OIL: emollient, hydrating and decongesting.
  • TREHALOSE: helps in preventing dehydration and maintaining the cellular membrane integrity in stressful conditions.
  • LACTIC ACID: regulates the skin hydrolipidic equilibrium.
  • PANTHENOL: moisturizing, it promotes epithelial tissue growth. Hydrolized whey proteins: help in maintaining the water in tissues.
  • Ceramides: restore the skin intercellular barrier and counteract water evaporation.
  • VITAMIN A: regenerating.
  • VITAMIN E: antioxidant, anti-free radical. Protective filters: protect the skin against sun rays.


Powerful moisturizing action. It stimulates the microcirculation as well as collagen and elastin synthesis. Contains no paraffin or derivatives. No silicon, no dimethicone.

Volume: 1.7 fl.oz

Collections: Moisturizing

Category: Anti-Aging, Dryness

Type: Face Moisturizers

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