Coloured Hair Spa Shampoo

Specific gentle shampoo for  colored hair. It protects color's vibrancy and improves shine, leaving hair soft and tangle-free.


Apply the shampoo to wet hair. Wash twice and rinse well.


Treated / colored / overprocessed hair.


  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing, balancing. 
  • WHEY PROTEIN HYDROLIZED: a texturizing, volumizing and strengthening protein. This active has a unique ability to bind to hair strand and to penetrate the hair shaft bringing density and resilience to the weakest hair.
  • ROSE DISTILLEDWATER: regenerating, anti-septic and brightening properties. 
  • ACTIVE PRINCIPLE DERIVATIVATED FROM BRAZILIAN PALM TREE: a conditioning agent used to bring softness and manageability to weak hair.
  • RES PLANTA OLEA: olive oil (Olea europea), water-soluble active with emollient, elasticizing and nourishing properties typical of the olive oil.


It cleanses hair softly. Color is maintained, revitalized and lasts longer. It protects and refreshes. From the first washes it helps hair regain strength, radiance and softness.

Volume: 6.8 fl.oz

Type: Hair Care

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