Black Label Hyper-Hydrating Cream

$ 278

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Formulated specifically to enhance moisture level in dry - dehydrated mature skin.

Directions: Apply in the morning and/or evening on face and neck.

Suitable for: All types of skins.

Active assets: A high concentration in Jericho Rose extracts enables water microparticles to be stored in the epidermis to rehydrate the skin deeply while BIOGLEA™ and black tea extracts work to stimulate the skin's functions facilitating cellular turnaround and bringing a new brightness to the skin.

Benefits: In the anti-ageing fight, hydration is key as moisture plumps wrinkles groves and signs of tiredness, bringing suppleness and tone. Skin regains freshness smoothness and a glowing shine.

Paraben / allergen-free skin care.
Volume: 1.7 fl.oz jar.

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