Anti-Cellulite Plankton Mud

Highly effective anti cellulite mud treatment targeting unsightly dimples and fatty deposits on thighs, buttocks, and stomach. Relies on the same technology and principles as those used in many spa treatments for slimming. Use with the proper pants provided in the package. These allow a better component absorption and keep mud active during application. 


Apply generously to targeted areas such as hips, buttocks and abdomen, then cover with the pants provided for around 15 minutes before rinsing off in the shower. The pants can be washed and used again and again.


Those with dimples,“orange peel” skin and signs of cellulite.


  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing, balancing.
  • GEMMODRAIN (Sorbus domestica L. fruit extract): it helps microcirculation and liquid reabsorpion.
  • VITAMIN E NICOTINATE: it acts on capillary microcirculation. It guarantees a blood circulation increase and favors functional principle absorpion in subcutaneous tissues.

Kindly note that an immediate hot effect followed by a cold effect can be perceived due to the presence of vitamin E nicotinate. 


A slimmer and slender silhouette. Fresher, firmer and smoother skin. More even skin tone.

Volume: 6.8 fl.oz

Type: Body Care

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