Acid Serum pH 5.5

$ 88
An excellent skin booster, the Acid Serum balances the pH and helps gently exfoliate dead skin cells to reveal radiant glowing skin. It is conceived for those who prefer a more fluid texture versus the best seller Acid Cream from Terme di Saturnia. It protects the skin against pollution with antioxidant actives and brings radiance and firmness and a more even skin tone to the face.

Directions: Apply to face until fully absorbed.

Suitable for: All skins, particularly the most sensitive and intolerant ones. Excellent for men skins.

Active assets:
  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing and balancing
  • Macadamia oil: softening and nourishing
  • Sweet almond oil: nourishing, purifying and firming
  • Apple Glycolic extract: being rich in pectins, vitamins and mineral salts it is moisturizing and toning
  • Cucumber Glycolic extract: astringent and purifying
  • Alpha hydroxy acids: lactic and glycolic acids
  • Vitamin A: regenerating
  • Vitamin E: antioxidant, anti-free radical
  • UVA/UVB filters: they protect the skin from sun rays
Benefits: Antioxidant and purifying actions / Rebalance of pH in the hydrolipidic film / Gentle elimination of dead skin cells for smooth, clear and refreshed skin. Volume: 1 fl.oz

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