24H Total Control Eyes & Lips Contour Cream

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A specific treatment cream dedicated to the delicate areas around the eyes and lips. Its formula provides an extraordinary lifting and plumping action for immediate and visible results. It tackles the signs of ageing and wrinkles while reducing dark circles, shadows and puffiness at once.

Directions: Apply morning and evening on clean skin around the eyes and lips. 

Suitable for: All skin types even sensitive skin.

Active assets:
  • Allantoin: known for its healing and anti-oxidant properties
  • Collagen and Elastin: proteins responsible for firmness and elasticity
  • Lactic Acid: improves the structure and appearance of the skin, reduces wrinkles, acne and hyper-pigmentation marks. Speeds up the cellular renewal process by removing dead cells from the top layers of the skin to reveal younger, brighter-looking skin.
  • Proteins: helps oxygenation
  • Vitamin A: Promotes skin hydration
  • Vitamin C and E: antioxidant
  • Prolevis: high molecular weight hydrolyzed vegetable protein with exceptional film-forming, lifting and filling action.
  • Brightenyl (Diglucosyl Gallid Acid): diminish pigmentation disorders, reduces redness, illuminates and protects the skin from UV damage
  • BIOGLEA™: moisturizing, exfoliating and balancing
  • Shea Butter: natural emollient to hydrate and nourish.
  • Tocopherol: antioxidant, it protects against oxidizing Stress responsible from premature ageing.
Volume: 1 Floz. pump bottle Paraben / Allergen-free

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