Terme di Saturnia Skin Care

Symbol of excellence

Throughout the world Terme di Saturnia represents a symbol of excellence in physical wellness and a reference in cosmetic research. The Terme di Saturnia Wellness Center is considered one of the most exclusive Health Spa in the world and is the recipient of multiple awards for best spa in the medical-natural and thermal categories. A highly experienced team of health experts will restore and regain one’s physical wellness thanks to the special spa water which has been streaming in the area of Saturnia for over 3000 years. The spa waters of Saturnia have a natural balancing and healing power due to the concentration of the plankton they contain. It has been a European tradition to bathe in the waters of Saturnia where the concept of SPA (Sanus Per Aquam or Healing through Water) takes a deeper meaning.

Terme di Saturnia Spa  Terme di Saturnia Wellness Spa

Natural cosmetics for skin's wellness

The spa water is unique and rich in properties encapsulated in a thermal Plankton named BIOGLEA with extraordinary reinvigorating properties. This priceless biogenic treasure is one of the richest sources in natural mineral nitrogen components available today. It is present in every Terme di Saturnia product.

BIOGLEA, associated with vitamins, moisturizing and nourishing actives found in the exclusive formulas, present specific benefits to the skin. BIOGLEA has been analytically and biologically studied and tested by the universities of Milan, Padua, Bologna, Perugia and Florence for its unique regenerating, exfoliating and nourishing power.

Terme di Saturnia Bioglea plankton

Efficient and professional treatments

This nature's wonder coupled with cutting edge discoveries in cosmetic research and continuously updated formulations make the Terme di Saturnia product range highly efficient and a preferred line for professional treatments in spas worldwide. The line contains effective bio organic ingredients and is naturally paraben and allergen-free.

Terme di Saturnia Skin care Cosmetics