Whitening Hand Cream

$ 72
Specific treatment cream formulated to address hyper-pigmentation (dark and light spots) due to photo-ageing. 

Directions: Apply on hands morning and evening.

Suitable for: Everyone looking to even skin tone and bring back suppleness to dry hands.

Active assets:
  • BIOGLEA™:moisturizing, balancing.
  • Vitamin E acetate anti-free radicals, elasticizing, antioxidizing.
  • VC-IP: lipo-soluble derivative of ascorbic acid, it is transformed into vitamin C in the skin. It stimulates collagen synthesis and inhibits melanogenesis. Hence it has a significant whitening action especially on skin blemishes.
  • Natural Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid Multifruit complex (sugar cane, blueberry, maple, lemon and orange): it smoothes skin by promoting cell renewal and eliminating dead cells.

Benefits: Hands with a pleasant and silky touch. A significant reduction of skin discolorations.

Allergen / Paraben - free skin care.
Volume: 4.2 fl.oz

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