Spa Lifting Cream

$ 174
A targeted treatment cream to expertly address expression lines and wrinkles. Instantly smoothes out lines and erases traces of fatigue. Can be used on face, eye and lip contours and neck. Featuring the latest ingredients of Gatuline Expression (LA Times), Vitamins A & E and antioxidant benefits of Pantrofina (Marine Pine extract).

Directions: Apply AM/ PM after cleansing, and toning the skin. Recommended to layer over the Spa Lifting Serum for advanced age correcting action.

Suitable for: Formulated for all looking to target expression lines.

Active assets:
  • BIOGLEA™ : moisturizing, balancing and exfoliating.
  • Gatuline expression: using extract from Acmella Olearcea plant (sometimes referred to as Toothache plant for its ability to numb signs of dental pain). Extracts from this plant claim to have muscle-relaxing properties to help inhibit the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Gamma-Oryzanol: an extract derived from rice bran oil, which helps promote blood circulation.
  • Plant squalene: a lipid derived from olive oil with highly emollient and antioxidant effects. Mimics natural squalene that found in the skin.
  • Vitamins A & E: regenerating and antioxidant effects. PANTROFINA©: derived from Marine Pine extract ( indigenous to the Mediterranean) with powerful antioxidant and moisturizing effects to shield against age.

Benefits: Immediate skin tightening and smoothing effect. helps minimize fine lines and wrinkles. This alternative to wrinkle-relaxing injections provides instant gratification results!

Allergen / Paraben-free skincare.
Volume: 1.7 fl.oz jar.

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