Moisturizing Massage Cream

A rich and refreshing emulsion used in the intensive and moisturizing therapy of the Natural Spa Resort of Terme di Saturnia in Italy, a leading hotel of the world.


Massage on the whole body until absorbed.


Ideal for dry and very dry skin, skin exposed to extreme temperatures and skin which has lost it radiancy and suppleness and appears rough and wrinkled.


  • BIOGLEA™ : moisturizing and balancing. 
  • ALLANTOIN: moisturizing, softening and smoothing. It stimulates cell regeneration with soothing and emollient properties. 
  • PANTHENOL: moisturizing, it promotes epithelial tissue growth. 
  • NATURAL ALPHA-HYDROXY- ACIDS MULTIFRUIT COMPLEX (sugar cane, blueberry, maple, lemon and orange): it smoothes skin by promoting cell renewal and eliminating dead cells. 
  • PENTAVITIN®: it balances and guarantees a constant moisturizing supply to skin. NMF2: reconstituted moisturizer. It contains components that are naturally in the skin such as allantoin, glucose and some amino acids which are useful to keep a proper moisturizing level.


A fully regenerated body skin which has regain its natural softness and elasticity.

Paraben and Allergen free.

Volume: 6.8 fl.oz jar

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