Exfoliating Cream - Body

Provides an ultra-delicate exfoliating treatment that leaves skin polished and velvety soft. Perfectly round, smooth polythene granules gently remove dead skin cells and stimulate natural cell renewal, leaving skin polished and soft.


Apply to cleansed skin, lightly massaging over the whole body and paying particular attention to areas of rough, thicker skin. Rinse off under the shower. Round off with your usual Terme di Saturnia body treatment.


Suitable for all types of skin in need of an in-depth skin cell regeneration.


  • BIOGLEA™ : moisturizing, balancing.
  • WITCH HAZEL DISTILLED WATER: soothing, antiseptic, astringent.
  • ROSE DISTILLED WATER: it has regenerating, antiseptic and refreshing properties.
  • HORSE-CHESTNUT GLYCOLIC EXTRACT: rich in escin, it has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • NATURAL ALPHA-HYDROXY- ACIDS MULTIFRUIT COMPLEX (sugar cane, blueberry, maple, lemon and orange): it smoothes skin by promoting cell renewal and eliminating dead cells
  • POLYETHYLENE PARTICLES: they have a delicate scrub effect and stimulate cell renewal.


The results are soft and smooth skin, radiant and with a more even skin color.

Volume: 6.8 fl.oz jar

Type: Body Care

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