Hydra-Sponge Serum

Hyper-moisturizing serum ! Packed with ingredients that rapidly restore moisture to dehydrated skin types. An excellent SOS serum for the face, eye and lip areas.


Apply after cleansing and toning the skin AM/ PM and follow with appropriate treatment cream. Excellent in conjunction with Hydra-Sponge Day Cream, or Terme di Saturnia Night Cream.


Suitable for all skin types (dry, sensitive, oily, and normal) which are susceptible to dehydration.


  • BIOGLEA™ : moisturizing, balancing and exfoliating.
  • DULCEMIN®: combination of Sweet Almond Protein and Glycerin for anti-age and moisturizing effects. This active ingredient conforms to ECO-CERT organic and natural standards.
  • BEESWAX: nourishes the skin to shield and protect.
  • SWEET ALMOND OIL: soothing, softening and nourishing. Rich in proteins, mineral salts, vitamin A, etc. Great for sensitive skin types.
  • VITAMIN E ACETATE AND VITAMIN A PALMITATE: regenerating and powerful antioxidants.


Floods the skin with moisture, offering short and long term benefits. Multi-faceted as it can be used on face, eyes and lip contours. Excellent for skin exposed to age expediting aggressors (UV rays, stress and travel). Highly concentrated as a little goes a long way!

Paraben / allergen -free

Volume: 1 floz jar

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