Orotherm Cream - Eyes and Lips

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Advanced anti-age care for the eyes and lips contour with powerful antioxidant and anti-age effects. Ideal for tired, stressed skin showing visible expression lines and wrinkles. The combined action of gold which is bio-assimilable through skin cells and resveratrol, directly targets sirtuins, the so-called molecules of youth with a powerful anti-ageing and antioxidant effect that unveils a rejuvenated appearance.

Directions: Apply AM/PM around the eye contour area after cleansing & toning.

Suitable for: Formulated for all types of tired and stressed skin seeking a powerful replenishing action.

Active assets:
  • BIOGLEA™: exclusive exfoliating, moisturizing and balancing active.
  • Gold particles: work to regenerate and revitalize the skin, promoting elasticity and skin tone.
  • Reservatrol: the newest wonder ingredient in skincare as “the molecules of youth.” Found naturally in some plant extracts, reservatrol activates proteins called «sirtuins» that help to lengthen the life cycle of skin cells and put the aging process on stand-by. Additionally, Reservatrol helps to shield against damage to collagen and elastin production.
  • Sweet almond oil: skin softening, nourishing and soothing effect. Rich in proteins, mineral salts, and Vitamins A & B.
  • Vitamin E acetate: powerful antioxidant.

Benefits: Based on scientifical breakthrough ingredients: resveratrol and gold, this all around eyes and lips contours cream is the perfect pick-me-up for busy lifestyles. It provides an advanced SOS care for eye contours to target crow’s feet, wrinkles and fine lines as well as folds and delicate skin of the lips contour.

Parabens / Allergens - free skin care.
Volume: 1 fl.oz jar.

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