Spa Body Plankton

$ 98
Rich and unctuous body Cream specially formulated to provide intense hydration while firming and toning the skin.

Directions: Apply all over the body after bathing or showering.

Suitable for: All types of skin, particularly the most dehydrated and dry.

Active assets:
  • BIOGLEA™:moisturizing, balancing.
  • Vitamin E acetate: anti-free radical, elasticizing, antioxidant.
  • Aloe vera gel: rich in amino acids, vitamins of B group, vitamin C and E,mineral salts. It has soothing and smoothing properties.
  • Panthenol: moisturizing, it promotes epithelial tissue growth.
  • Hyaluronicacid: one of the main components of extracellular matrix, essential for cell metabolic exchange.
  • Pentavitin®: a carbohydrate complex (sugar) which binds strongly to skin surface and keeps moisture even  in a very dry environment.

Benefits: Intense and long-lasting hydration. Fresh velvety, smooth skin.

Allergen / Paraben - free skin care.
Volume: 6.8 fl.oz jar

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