The power of skincare masks

The benefits of power-packed skincare masks

When your skin feels sluggish, tired, dry or dull, give it the benefits of a power-packed skincare mask.

Formulated to effectively deliver the highest strength of actives in a record time, masks are nothing short of life’s savers for your skin. They can virtually treat any skin’s conditions so choose accordingly based on your skin’s main issue or choose an overall anti-ageing mask if you want to address several concerns at once.



How to choose your skincare masks ?

The skin smoothing, radiance boosting Acid Mask
The skin-clearer, breakout buster Sebum Normalizing Mask
The brightening, spots lightening Illumina Mask
The moisturizing, hydrating HydraSponge Mask
The gravity defying, skin tightening, facial contouring Spa Lifting Mask
The regenerating, volumizing Rejuvenation Mask
The anti-tiredness, anti-stress UltraCell Mask
The anti-ageing multi-taskers to smooth, firm and energize the skin at once such as the Anti-Age Plankton Mask, the Orotherm Mask & the Black Label Mask