Terme di Saturnia in the spotlight!

Terme di Saturnia waters are listed as one of the best Hot Springs in the world by tripsavvy.com in November.

 As Kraig Becker, the author of the article compiling the top 20 Hot Springs Destinations in the world puts it:

“Located in the heart of Tuscany, these hot springs reach temperatures of up to 99 degrees Fahrenheit, making them warm and inviting no matter the temperature of the air. They were a favorite amongst Romans more than 2000 years ago and remain popular with locals and visitors alike today.”

Referred to as “waters of Youth” by the Etruscans and the Romans for their extraordinary renewing properties and cosmetic benefits, the source of their unique power, a specific aqua plankton named BIOGLEA, has been extensively studied by leading universities in Italy.

Since 1991, this magic active is at the core of the Terme di Saturnia skincare line where, combined with the latest ingredients and technology, it brings the rejuvenating essence of the waters to a full line of anti-ageing treatments.