The excellence in spa cosmetics - BIOGLEA™

For centuries, people have come to bathe and relax in the waters of Saturnia, known to ease arthritic pain, and virtually any skin diseases while rejuvenating. The reputation and the particularity of these waters attracted many scholars and scientists determined to pierce the mystery of these miraculous waters. They discovered that Terme di Saturnia waters have a very distinctive feature: they contain an exclusive thermal plankton called BIOGLEA™. This micro-organism is in itself a natural wonder as it is packed with nitrogenous substances and trace minerals. This extract has been studied, analytically and biologically tested by leading laboratories in the Universities of Milan, Padua, Bologna, Perugia and Florence and the results were conclusive: BIOGLEA™ has a balancing, soothing, moisturizing and exfoliating effect on the skin. A beauty farm  was soon established on site to take advantage of these unique hot springs and their treasured BIOGLEA™ and a full range of spa treatments was developped carefully crafted around the unique Plankton. Today the Spa resort is a recipient of many awards including BEST Spa and Wellness Retreat in the world (CNN award, 2014) and the formula of the skincare line keep on evolving to incorporate new cutting edge actives and technologies but always feature as a key ingredient the plankton that made them famous.