Men's skin particularities calls for specific skincare

While it might be tempting for a man to reach in the bathroom cabinet for his female significant other's skincare, it usually won't deliver the expected results on his skin. Why? Simply put, men's skin differs drastically from women's:

  • First, it is thicker by 20% on average so products should have a different texture to be able to get through that outer layer and exfoliation is key.
  • Secondly it is firmer and harder, making it more capable of retaining water and richer in collagen for added firmness and strength. It hence ages better but since men rarely protect their skin to exposure, it tends to get wrinkles, lines as they get older so keeping the epidermis well hydrated and protected is important.
  • Additionally, it is often oilier than women's skin, with visible, enlarged pores which requires skincare addressing this need.
  • Lastly shaving regularly often triggers inflammation, redness and irritations. 


Men's skin calls for specific skincare taking into account its structural and functional features. Terme di Saturnia developed a short, targeted line for men to answer these needs. BIOGLEA, the star ingredient unique to the source of Terme di Saturnia provides gentle exfoliation and pH balancing.

Start by reducing sensitivity and redness with wet shaving.

Wash and Shave men skincare

Wash & Shave by Terme di Saturnia

Wash and Shave has a dual action, face cleansing and shaving gel. Wet shaving with aloe vera and caper buds extracts helps prevent irritations and redness by protecting the skin while the cleansing base enriched with witch hazel and rosemary helps reduce large pores.

Then choose the appropriate moisturizer / after shave / anti-ageing product:

Aftershave men skincare

After-Shave Gel by Terme di Saturnia

After-Shave Gel for sensitive skin, keeps moisture with hyaluronic acid while soothing the skin and prevents redness and inflammation. Its light texture is ideal for oilier skin types.

Spa Moisturizing for Men

Spa Moisturizing Cream for Men by Terme di Saturnia

Spa Moisturizing Cream for Face and Eyes, with vitamins A, B and pro-vitamin B5 as well as hydrating and smoothing agents provides optimal moisture while refreshing the skin. It is geared towards combination, normal to dry skin types.

Spa Nourishing Cream for Men

Spa Nourishing Cream for Men by Terme di Saturnia

Spa Nourishing Cream for Face and Eyes focuses on regenerating the skin, plumping wrinkles with hyaluronic acid, stimulating collagen production with Zinc and copper salts while nourishing the skin with shea butter and an oil derived from rice. It is recommended for ageing skin.