Fall skincare essentials

Temperatures and humidity dropping call for an adjustment of skincare regime to preserve the beauty of the skin.

Step 1

Use a mild cleanser that won’t strip the skin of natural occurring oils instead of harsh soap or foams such as the Spa Cleansing Milk. Its formula enriched with shea butter will leave the skin clean yet hydrated.

Spa Cleansing Milk

Spa Cleansing Milk


Step 2

A gentle exfoliator once or twice a week works wonder to remove dead skin cells and boost the skin’s radiance. Look for a scrub with a mechanical action (micro-beads or seeds), an enzymatic action where enzymes “digest” dead skin cells or an exfoliant using gentle acids.

The Spa Enzymatic Peeling contains Vitamin C found in an Indian cherry as well as Ascorbic Acid derivatives to help boost the cellular turnover and promote a youthful glow.

Alternatively, the use of a daily serum containing gentle AHAs will help the skin naturally regenerate itself by bringing younger cells to the surface. The Acid Serum or the Acid Cream for example rely on mild AHAs derived from apple, red fruit and cucumber to promote radiance.

Spa Enzymatic Peeling

Spa Enzymatic Peeling


Step 3

Up your moisturizer! Staying more indoors means drier air and in turn drier skin.
Try layering a serum underneath for added hydration. The HydraSponge Serum for instance provides a bath of moisture by combining sweet almond protein, beeswax, Vitamins E and A.
Switch to a richer, thicker moisturizer to increase moisture such as the Black Label Hyper Hydration Cream with Jericho Rose extracts (AKA the resurrection plant for its power to preserve water) among other actives.

Step 4

Protect your skin with the daily use of an SPF, even on cloudy days.

Black Label Hyper-Hydrating Cream

Black Label Hyper Hydration Cream