DIY at home facial

While our service providers are closed for safety reasons, why not treat your skin to a facial at home?

    Feel free to use the recommended Terme di Saturnia products or substitute what you have at home that would fall in the same product categories.

    Express home facial in 4 easy steps:

    1. Cleanse / Tone

      Using a cleanser and toner, gently clean your skin and pat dry.
      If you have no toner, a used tea bag can be substituted.
      Pat the skin dry.

    2. Exfoliate

      Use a mild peeling or scrub to open the pores and clear the skin. A peeling can be enzymatic like our Spa Enzymatic Peeling, mechanical (a scrub with small particles) or rely on gentle acids to exfoliate like the Acid Cream.
      If you use an enzymatic peeling, use it under steam or while running a hot bath or shower to activate.
      Remove with water and toner.

    3. Treat

      Apply your favorite facial mask on face and neck, leave on 10 to 15 minutes and rinse off.
      If you have combination skin or different concerns you want to address, use different masks for different areas.
      Unless you have oily skin, our Mud mask for instance is best on the T-zone while a cream or gel mask like our Anti-Age Plankton Mask is more appropriate for wrinkles and drier areas.

    4. Hydrate

      Finish with your favorite serum and moisturizer for dewy skin.
      Remember to use a sunblock if you step outside.