Are eye creams necessary?

We know the skin around the eyes (and lips for that matter) is thinner and more prone to dehydration, hence the earlier onset of ageing signs in these areas but do you really need a specific cream for the eyes and lips contours?

Specific eyes cream : it depends on different factors

If you suffer from unsightly dark circles, under eye shadows or puffiness, all caused by poor blood microcirculation, you might need specific ingredients in your cream to tackle these issues. 
Caffeine / theine extracts for instance are natural decongestants that stimulate blood circulation.
Try our Black Label Eyes and Lips Contour Cream with black tea, rose and gold or Anti-Age Plankton Cream for eyes and lips with Centella Asiatica glycolic extracts to brighten the eye contour.

Black label contour cream - eye and lips Anti-Age Plankton Cream


If your eye contour area is very sensitive, you might need to use an unscented cream dedicated to this delicate area as fragrance can trigger many skin sensitivities.

Using a heavy-duty face cream for eyes can also be the culprit for the formation of Milia, these tiny white bumps under the skin often found under the eyes. Moisturizers using ingredients such as paraffin or petroleum derived products can block the skin's natural ability to exfoliate and create milia.

Another advantage of having a specific eye cream is the fact that it can usually be applied throughout the days over makeup for a quick pick me up.
Our UltraCell C-Zone for eyes and lips for instance uses licorice root extracts for a quick anti-fatigue action.

Ultracell C-zone Cream

If your moisturizer is gentle enough and does not irritate your eye contour, you might be perfectly fine using the same moisturizer for your face and around the eyes and lips. Always avoid the upper eyelid though as excessive oils and moisturizing agents can bring puffiness and irritations.