7 essential beauty travel tips for your skin

Traveling creates additional stress on your skin which can result in break outs, flares and extreme dryness so it is best to be prepared!

Before your flight:

  • Try your best to stick to your usual skincare routine to avoid breakouts. Pack your essentials in mini reusable containers and tailor them to your destination’s climate. Lighter moisturizer and serums for hot and humid climate, richer ones for cold and dry environment.  
  • Drink a lot of water the day and night before and use a moisturizing mask to super-charge your skin with H2O.
  • Before boarding, don’t skip sunblock as radiation is more damaging at high altitude.

On your flight:

  • Keep drinking water, avoid salty snacks and alcohol and reapply moisturizer during long-haul flights. Don’t forget your eyes and lips, cabin air is very drying.
  • Use a non-drying hand sanitizer as plane cabins are packed with germs.

Upon arrival:

  • Cleanse your skin very well. If you did not bring your usual toner, its is best to avoid harsh water from the faucet and use mineral water to replace it.
  • Use a good hydrating mask to replenish your skin with moisture.