Fall skin Essentials: Illumina for sun and age spots

The sun and time passing leave a toll on the skin, often in the form of newly formed freckles and skin discolorations. Whether these marks are white, red or brown, they seem more noticeable after the summer months and call for immediate treatment unless you are aiming for the Dalmatian look. These spots represent an excess of melanin in the derma and are hard to fade so consistence and time are of the essence here.



The Illumina skincare line by Terme di Saturnia effectively addresses these concerns with a triple action: 

-By speeding the exfoliation process with the exclusive active Bioglea, the skin is clear and more receptive to treatment. 

-By brightening and boosting the skin with antioxidants with an extract of Indian Cherry fruit, packed with Vitamin C, known to lighten and firm the skin.

-By inhibiting the melanin production to prevent further formation of pigmentation disorders with a brown seaweed agent coupled with Pentavitin, a carbohydrate complex providing a shield to the skin.


3 products, a serum, a cream and a mask combine these actives and more to restore radiance, brightness and a more even skin tone.


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