Back to school must have! Introducing CC Corrective Cream

While exposure to the sun during the summer months seem to improve the appearance of oilier / combination skin types by drying out pimples and leaving a glow on the skin, comes the fall, these skins' issues unravel...UVA / UVB radiation thickens the epidermis, bringing keratin to the surface and exacerbating sebum production, which leads to more dilated pores, blackheads (when oil and dead skin become trapped under the surface) and pimples.  

CC Corrective Cream - Terme di Saturnia

The sun and pollution also contribute to oxidative stress on the skin, by inducing the production of free radicals, damaging the skin's DNA, collagen production and triggering inflammation.  

Terme di Saturnia CC Corrective Cream tackles these issues to the core by boosting the skin's antioxidant defense with Canola Oil extracts rich in tocopherols, phytosterols, omega-3, 6 and 9 while promoting gentle skin's resurfacing with Bioglea™ and improving skin's function with Pinus Pinaster bark extract. The results? The skin is clear, smooth and shine-free.

Recommended as a moisturizer after proper cleansing. 

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Terme di Saturnia CC Corrective Cream